The N90 repair saga finale, hopefully 08:24 on Thursday

I haven’t bored you lately with how I’m doing with my malfunctioning Nokia N90. So for the record, let me give a brief.

In short: my limited technical knowledge of computers (nowaday “phones” included) tells me that when a computer slows down, it’s due to a process hogging the CPU or a memory leak. Which makes me believe the problems I was having with my N90 were due to an installed application. And the only apps I use are Opera and LifeBlog. And the phone was working before the LifeBlog install problems

Nokia Flagship Helsinki
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In length: Nokia opened a new flagship store in Helsinki, so I thought that of all places should have a decent repair shop, I mean, Authorized Nokia Care Center. And I was happy to find out to be right.

Luckily I didn’t have to try and find it on the net though: the store actually has its own web page but you wouldn’t know by its non-existence on the Nokia site search or Google. And the store isn’t on the list of service points either… it is a top-secret store!

Anyway, back to the store. It wasn’t hard to demonstrate to the service guy what was wrong with my N90. The minute he took it, the phone got one of those way too familiar 60+ second stuck-ups. The device completely stopped responding and redrawing the screen for over a minute. To give you an idea just how irritating this problem was, it happened about every second time I tried to send a text message, received a message, or tried to use the camera. Pretty irritating, indeed.

So they took my phone in and I got a N70 as a replacement. This makes the flagship store the only Nokia Care Center in Helsinki that can deliver on the Club Nokia promise of giving you a comparable phone for the duration of the repair. (Is this offer still in place? I couldn’t find it anymore… the site search at Nokia is not phenomenal though, as you can see from the example above.)

I was expecting a call in two weeks, but after three days I got a text message that told me to come and pick up the phone. I went back, and was informed they couldn’t repair the old one so I got a new N90 to replace it. “Great!” I thought… until I switched it on — the phone got stuck in camera mode for five minutes. And then the original problems, jamming and blank screens, continued.

Back to the service the next day, they suggested me to change my oldish SIM card. I went to Sonera and bought a new SIM for 8 euros. Didn’t help.

The day after, back to the service… I’m starting to make friends there! This time they reset all my settings and told me to try using the phone without the memory card. It worked slightly better, but not well. After a week of use I was having daily crashes (“phone” reboots automatically), the familiar 20-60 sec lags, etc.

Back to the service again. This time they took the phone in for 30 minutes and flashed it. It’s now completely vanilla, with no third party apps whatsoever, not even the ones that came with the phone. I haven’t restored the backup from the memory card. And guess what? It works.

I don’t have Opera, which I need. I don’t have LifeBlog, which I like. But at least I can make calls and have SMS conversations. Sluggishly, as is the case with everything S60, but without complete halts.

I’ll come back a bit later with the funny tidbits and quotes overheard in various service points.. the time adds up to hours, so I’ve got material! ;)

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One Response to “The N90 repair saga finale, hopefully”


  1. david Says:

    I cant say i have experience with updating the firmware but for now the nokia n90 is the best peace of stuff i have ever had. Lots of apps to use on my nokia. Call recorder, tom tom and since a week i even use my existing internet connection using a bluetooth connection (gnubox with m-router.

    getting amazing pics even winning a national contest om a free national newspaper (spits) which won me a brandnew k800I which a gave my daughter as it isnt compatible with symbian 60

    nokia n93 isnt quite so beautifull and has no turning cam although the specs are amazing.

    so i think you just had bad luck or are somehow not objective in revieuwing the n90