Crazy Egg 12:56 on Tuesday

Got my invitation to Crazy Egg. It’s insanely cool, in a geek sense. Usefulness will be judged in the future.

3 Responses to “Crazy Egg”


  1. Hiten Shah Says:

    Hi Niko, Glad you got our invitation, we are now sending them out. Please do let us know of any suggestions or feedback you may have, to make Crazy Egg even more useful. We are constantly looking to improve things for people.

  2. leisa.reichelt Says:

    hey Niko

    did you set up crazy egg on your wordpress blog? if yes, how did you do it? I’ve seen a page of code that is apparently a wordpress plug in but I’m still a little bit lost as to how to get it working for wordpress. Any tips would be most appreciated!

  3. Niko Says:

    First you have to set up a “test” in Crazy Egg. Then you get a short javascript code that you can put at the end of the page you want to test. I’m testing it on my Softys front page, you can probably see it there if you view source.

    Softys runs on WordPress as well, and I have a common footer template file, so it was slightly more difficult to set it up than just copy paste it there. I made a PHP check in the footer which only echoes the javascript to the page if the user is accessing the front page.