On marketing free art 19:05 on Monday

The latest from gapingvoid made me think about my measly efforts to blog-market Softys. Of course with art it is always more difficult to know if the product is good than it is with, let’s say bicycle pumps. If the pump doesn’t weigh much, fits in a small space, is rugged and does its job — excellent, no arguing there. Art on the other hand, is highly subjective.

In both cases though, uncle Seth has a point: the product better be remarkable, worth making a remark about. I haven’t had that much links to Softys, so I guess there’s a lot of room to improve the “product”.

But there’s another, subtler point: what if giving the music away for free actually lowers its value? It would feel weird for me to send Softys tracks to bloggers for free in hopes of mentions, as everybody can get the music for free. Isn’t a link to free music just as attractive as yet another YouTube link? I’ll listen when I’ve got the time. Yeah right. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if I would give the music for free only to You, my good friend, and pretend to charge everybody else?

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