Media vs. Innovation 23:47 on Saturday

Somehow I always thought the business side of music was full of failed musicians. Maybe I was being too hard on them. Maybe it’s just the tradition of no innovation.

2 Responses to “Media vs. Innovation”


  1. Sami Oinonen Says:

    Oh, if it only were so that the music business was filled with ex-musicians, then there would be at least good music around :-)

    but as one spanish dude said “bad artists copy, great artists steal”. I don’t think one really has to innovate, it’s enough just to spot one and embrace it

  2. Niko Says:

    I would like to re-emphasize: failed musicians. The kind who make songs you never want to hear again, or wouldn’t if you could remember them. Or who think they have the greatest bass solo for every track — after each verse and every chorus. Maybe add one more in middle of the bridge. Heck, why not make the whole bridge a jazzy bass solo!


    And I do think there is innovation in music. I don’t think there’s enough in music business.