Words of wisdom from the top of BT 22:33 on Friday

KLM‘s in-flight magazine Holland Herald offered some wisdom from BT‘s chief executive Ben Verwaayen.

On taking care of customers personally:

…you can’t look after millions of customers, unless you can look after a single one.

On managing change:

You see, no one goes to the office aiming to make no contribution. People want to contribute, and when you give them the opportunity to make a difference, change is easier to implement and accept.

On user focus:

…live the dream of [your] customers, instead of being focused on [your] own product.

On raw passion (actually, it’s a comment on football, but it’s more interesting when read from the view-point of passion):

Football is raw passion; it’s not always balanced. It’s very interesting to see how irrational it can be — when a match is all over, you look back and think, did the game really justify all of that passion?

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