Book 2.0 16:05 on Wednesday

During my holiday I read through Naked Conversations, the book about business blogging. If I had to summarize the book in one word, it would be: boring. Cheap and repetitive arguments in an overly enthusiastic package.

Grass book

Well, now I have a chance to try and do better. Sami Salmenkivi from Future Marketing (a research project of Helsinki School of Economics) asked me to co-author a book with him. The book will cover the highly original subjects of social media, communities, emerging technologies, blogs, marketing, and whatever Stuff 2.0 we can fit in.

So why another Book 2.0? Because this one will be in Finnish, and the social web is an area largely untapped in domestic business. Our goal is to explain these wonderful and geeky things in a way that would be understandable and interesting for (business) people who have other reasons to live but to see an AJAX alpha fade on their mobile phone screens.

Besides, taking that the cost of doing business here in Finland is around the same as it is in US or UK, but our language is only spoken by five million people, it could be an interesting look into the downwards scalability of 2.0 ideas.

And yes, there will be a blog for the book. I’ll post the address when we get the first post up.

Image of the Grass Book from SXC.

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3 Responses to “Book 2.0”


  1. shel israel Says:

    Sorry you found our book boring. I’m grateful that most people seem to disagree. Good luck on doing a better job at writing a book than we did.

  2. Niko Says:

    Not really sure I can do better, but there’s always the trying part. ;) And it wasn’t all bad, there were bits I did like, but those could have been fit in one tenth of the amount of pages.

    As to why I found Naked Conversations boring, it probably has to do with already “being in” the blogosphere. Partially it could also have to do with culture; hyping is not well received in my part of the planet. And yes, that’s what I think the book was about: hyping business blogging. After reading the book, I emphasize with Werner Vogel’s comments even more: it’s not enough of an argument that “blogs are cool and everybody is doing them”.

    I also wonder if writing the book online was responsible for any of what I did not like about the book. In a “design by committee” way.

  3. Eero Says:

    You have probably noticed that one book 2.0 in finnish is already coming out.

    Doesn’t really matter as i bet there’s still a plenty of room for finnish 2.0 books.