Am I Vertu Or Not 11:45 on Tuesday

Patel wants to be the Vertu or Louis Vuitton of mobile skins. Check out the screenshot on the page and ask yourself how out of touch with the world can a man be. Have these guys actually ever seen a Vertu or a Louis Vuitton product?

One Response to “Am I Vertu Or Not”


  1. Peppe Says:

    In one word: No. Probably they’ve tinkered with a healthy dose of LV copies, maybe sold a few as well – and seen a few Vertu ads (inside a magazine, with a print raster from hell) but unfortunately I’m forced to place my bet on “No”. No, they haven’t.

    A pussy patch on your lower chin doesn’t make you an achiever, not even a rich-playboy-wannabe, and yellow is soo last decade-ish. Cheap-ass tattoos went off the vogue during his jailtime, especially the ones that resemble a pile of kittenshit or miniature pizza slice on the dashboard of your Lada.

    I reckon he’s got a huge load of bling & ice all over his pimpy suit (which was stolen from a designer outlet five years ago) when he enters a seedy bunker otherwise pretending to be a night club. What he needs, though, is a golf club. Up his arse.

    And finally the good and kind words: thank goodness the lousy quality of that particular picture is pleasantly merciful to his acne.