Greetings from Spain 15:50 on Monday

Back in Finland, rested and (hopefully) inspired to tackle new work.

Barcelona street, blurry

Spain was excellent, and Barcelona more so than I recalled from my previous visit.

B-Guided cover

B-guided, the city guide suggested to me by Henkka was a good read, covering hip shops, restaurants and young city culture. But even better I liked the Guide Out to Barcelona, of which I finally found a new edition to replace my trusty booklet from 2003. Not a hip opus, but the definitive guide to finding the best restaurants in every style, cuisine and price category.

And eat we did.

Restaurant L'Hortet

Our favorite lunch restaurant ended up being L’Hortet, not because I would be a vegetarian, but because of the excellent three-course menu for 8.50 euros.

Foodball tray

We also tried Camper’s Foodball restaurant, where all food is served as a .. ball. Interesting, but not very tasty. Can Farigola was a pleasant surprise, especially the desserts were mouth-watering.

Kibuka Verdi

Kibuka was a Japanese restaurant suggested to us by a friend, but unfortunately the restaurant had ran out of strawberries and we did not get to try their strawberry sake drinks. I can taste a good fish from a bad one, but I’m not really sophisticated enough to judge sushi restaurants — if the fish is ok, sushi is sushi to me, no matter how it is served.

Kirin Restaurant

Quantity on the other hand is what I am able to judge, and that’s what we got at Restaurante Kirin (Aragó, 231 bis). For under 14 euros you eat all you can from the buffet that constantly slides by your table, on the eye level, urging you to take one more plate…

Can Comas

Out of Barcelona, one dinner stood above all. In Tossa Del Mar we sat down to Restaurant Can Comas (placemark), a bit shy of the menu price of 24,50 euros each. Bu we were glad we did. The dinner included a four course menu, presented in a gourmet style, including seafood, meat, game, dessert and a bottle of wine. Plus a very helpful waiter, Jaume, who insisted we visit Cadaqués (placemark), the most beautiful village we visited, and Cap de Creus (placemark), the eastern-most point of Spain.

Cadaqués by evening

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  1. Tommi Says:

    Looks like you had loads of… err, food!

    While you where away Yahoo/Flickr announced their new geotagging feature. See e.g. http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalramble/226277047/ and click “(map)”.

  2. Niko Says:

    Coool.. let’s see what it’s good for after the wow period. I already geotagged a few of my Spain photos.