Proto business 10:58 on Tuesday

Recently a few disparate thoughts started to morph into one, leading me to realize what I want to do for living, at least for the next time I think I’ll grow up. I’ve decided to pursue making a living out of concept proofing.

In practice I envision things to go like this: I’ll take an idea and expand it to various directions, building and explaining some of the possible paths the idea could take. Building early proof of concept prototypes to validate the feasibility of an idea, or to fail cheaply before committing too much time, money and company politics on the concept. Explaining hard to grasp concepts in a more tangible way. Creating and comparing different scenarios. Mocking up the future.

I’m not an all-knowing expert of any field (although I’d like to think I’m pretty good at ActionScript…), and I believe concept design and proofing would be something a generalist like me can shine at. I’m going to start with the obvious choice, user interfaces, but I see no reason to limit the work to UIs only.

I’m by no means sure about this idea, so let me know if this sounds awfully stupid and I’ll steer accordingly (but not slow down).

In an hour I will leave for two weeks to visit Barcelona and drive around Basque country, so my blogging will be light until September. And when I get back, I’ll get to work.

And yes, this is one of those things I was hesitant to write about.

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