In pursuit of real sports 00:09 on Tuesday

145 million people play online, yet it’s not considered sports. There are no online gaming heroes applauded on TV and gossip magazines. A friend of mine is involved in a company that aims to change that and create the world’s first(?) TV show around online multi-player gaming. Their target is world domination by 2008, no less. Well, at least they want to sell the format everywhere from Ghana to Canada. It sounds crazy, but I guess any idea that doesn’t is not worth pursuing (kudos to Einstein or whoever clever chap said that).

So, go to their guerilla site, create a winning video and fly all expenses paid to Cannes with the tv show team. And if you’re too old for this, do the right thing and tell your kids. ;)

2 Responses to “In pursuit of real sports”


  1. Janne Jalkanen Says:

    Korea has a TV channel dedicated to online gaming. They have heroes, gossip and all that stuff.

  2. Niko Says:

    Why am I not surprised… ;)