Blogging personal 15:57 on Sunday

Every now and then I get this feeling that I should have two blogs: one for close and trusted friends, and the other open for everyone to read. This usually happens when I have important decisions to make and announce. I’m uncomfortable telling the world about my ideas.

Should I share my crazy whims only with my friends, who I’ve known for years but who are not always (well, most of the time) interested in the same things I find interesting?

Or should I share my ideas with You, the people who are interested enough to keep coming back to my site or subscribing to my feed? You know me, but I don’t necessarily know you, and it makes sharing uneasy.

At times of discomfort, people go to the persons they can trust. How can I trust You if I don’t know you? How do I know what you’ll think? Why should I care? I should trust you will let me know in the comments. How is talking to interested people through a blog different from talking to old friends who care about me but not necessarily that much about what I have to say?

Hesitation comes from fear of the unknown. So if I told You something utterly stupid, what could happen? Would I get ridiculed? Would you blame me for my mistake? Would you think I’m mad? Would I erode your trust if I said something and later let down my promises?

You give some you get some. It’s just so hard to learn to give.

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  3. Tommi Says:

    Blogging… is it work? Is it pleasure? Maybe both? Is it art? Whatever the case, I’d say that it is the writer’s responsibility to know her audience.

    If you wrote poetry instead of blog entries, would you still hold some of the poems to yourself? Or show some of them to just selected friends? (I know I would.) Maybe package some of the poems together, to get them sold to publishers?

    BTW, Wikipedia currently lists 20 different “types of blogs” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_blogs).