From portals to start pages 11:27 on Thursday

Ten years of web continues…


The purpose of portals was to collect information from various sources and handily re-represent that info on a page full of too small boxes. The best feature of portals was the ability to rearrange those boxes. Portals were easy to sell, and extremely boring to use. Mainly for their “one size fits all” design mentality. Basically, portals sucked – and not only the money out of new media agency clients’ pockets.

My Start Page

My Google, My Yahoo, My Whatever. Not to be confused with MySpace though. Personalizable home pages. Not that different from portals actually, but new syndication possibilities have actually made some of the little boxes useful. Unlike ten years earlier, the boxes can now display quite useful and most importantly, personal information. On my Google start page I have my gmail inbox, my latest del.icio.us bookmarks, some quick links, my Google Calendar appointments, a Technorati box for ego surfing… only useful stuff, as you see.

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