Impressing the average users 08:56 on Tuesday

Yesterday I wrote that only the user experiences far from average are remembered. You know what’s worse for us designer types? We keep staring at our navels and forgetting that for the average users the edges are even further.

Saab 93

This occurred to me a couple of weeks ago when I returned a car I had borrowed from my friend. I was already handing the car key to him when I recalled I had left a CD in the player. The car being a Saab, Saab being an airplane company, airplanes requiring no-error-margin high-level usability, I thought “well, maybe the eject button works without powering on the vehicle”. And it did. And I was very delighted with the Saab designers. How clever of them to think of this, someone might actually need to eject a CD at the last minute and there’s no point needing to insert the key and power on the whole car just to do that. What great attention to detail on the Saab user experience front!

And then it hit me: would a normal non-ux-geek have been impressed by this? I bet not. It takes a lot more to impress an average user.

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  1. Juansi Says:

    Good point!

    It is small details like the one you describe what make the difference.

    But to be honest I agree with you that most of the people would not have noticed this small detail…