The coolest timer gadget 15:42 on Wednesday

This cool timer came from IKEA with a hefty price of 2.50 euros. It has a magnet to stick it on your fridge or it can stand freely on its edge. The cool thing is, it changes from a clock to an egg timer (countdown) to a timing clock (count up) to a thermometer simply by rotating the thing.

Video is shot with my Nokia N90, which delivers smooth video again after I finally got it updated. More on that later…

In the video I have pre-set the egg timer time to five seconds. You can set this to any number of minutes or seconds using the buttons on the back of the device.

Yes, it’s a bit on the ugly side, but I guess you don’t get a Sony OLED design for 2.50.

Sony NW-A1000

Sony MP3 player with an OLED display. Photo from Mobile SmartBox

If your geek factor forces you to buy this clock from IKEA because of this blog post, please leave a comment here. ;)

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