Betas – Just a silly excuse 13:18 on Sunday

I’ve been playing with Dandelife, mostly because it is almost an execution on an idea I’ve cherished for a few years. But Dandelife doesn’t quite deliver. Then again, it’s beta, so what am I whining here?

This made me think of the notorious beta.

Is beta just a badge you can hide behind if your product sucks? The UI doesn’t make sense? It’s beta. Having problems on the backend? But of course, it’s beta.

Beta is a bit like admitting that we didn’t do as good as we could.

Forget the beta badge and create kick-ass products to the max of your ability. Then take the bashing from your users who know better, do not follow the feedback blindly, but learn from it.

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  1. Tommi Says:

    The way I’ve experienced it is that beta is (in many cases) a badge that tells that “we acknowledge the limited resources we have but we still think we can do better than the competitor next door”… And saying “what do you think, is there something that you, the user, could help us with?”…

    The usefulness of this approach largely depends on the community, market segment, timing etc.