The importance of stimulus 21:16 on Wednesday

In Sticky Wisdom, the writers talk about freshness — the ability think creatively and to see things in a fresh, new way. Extensive stimuli is what provides us with freshness.

Creativity is not about creating something new, but rearranging and combining what you already know. Sometimes, and I’d say at the best times, in surprising ways. I agree with the book in that the more you are stimulated, the easier it is for your brain to make those surprising connections.

This is probably what Ben Hammersley wanted to say by asking the Reboot8 attendees to indulge. Hunt for and indulge in whatever stimulus crosses your path.

Besides accumulating possible connection points in your head, stimulus can be used actively to distract your brain from making the same old connections. More of that later… (I’ve got a summer night to enjoy.)

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