Updating Nokia N90 firmware, part 2 19:59 on Saturday

I’m still battling with the N90 firmware issues that have rendered the phone nearly unusable. Yesterday I called every Nokia service point in Helsinki without getting the damn brick fixed. The response was varied, but ultimately not satisfactory:

Päämies Oy Mannerheimintie 72

Not sure if it was the malfunctioning air conditioning or what, but these guys were as good as being in coma. Their response? “The phone won’t accept the update, there’s nothing we can do. We can send it to the factory.”

Päämies Oy / Aribom Oy Mäkitorpantie 30

Friendly. After I told what happened in the other Päämies service point, they said “it’s likely it won’t work, but we can always try.”

Helsingin Mobile Service Oy Hämeentie 95

Very unpleasant. For this guy customers are obviously a nuisance who are interfering with his ever important repair work.

Sonera Tekninen Asiakaspalvelu Elimäenkatu 2

It took eight calls to get them to answer. Only to find out they don’t know what they’re doing and are ready to share that with you: “If this update fails we can’t update any phones until the Nokia guys come to fix the computers next week.” Come on!

SCF Huolto Oy Elimäenkatu 17-19

Friendly, with a can-do mentality… until they heard my device is the N90. They told me to call the place above.

After trying each of the above, I called Nokia Care and explained the situation. They merely said it is the responsibility of the authorized service points to handle the firmware update, whether it is actually making the update or sending the phone to Nokia for further inspection.

And today it was made clear to me that only I really do have to send the phone to Nokia through one of the authorized failure service points, if I want to enjoy the Club Nokia benefit of having an equal phone for the couple of weeks my own is getting light treatment at Nokia.

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