Authentic N90 customer feedback 23:26 on Wednesday

Today I got some authentic feedback about the Nokia N90. I was spending the sunny day on a sightseeing boat and flipped my N90 open to send a message. A woman sitting nearby saw my phone and opened the conversation.

Her: Do you know how to use that phone?

Me: I would know if it worked.

Her: I’m only asking because I have the same model and I simply can’t figure it out.

…to which I replied something about fishes, sea water, escape velocity and phone insurance.

A person opening a conversation with a person unknown to her, simply to comment on the miserable user experience and usability of a product. This happening in Finland, the land of the worst small-talkers anywhere in the world, makes this all the more important. When bad experience is a more potent conversation starter than the weather, the manufacturer of the product should be worried.

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3 Responses to “Authentic N90 customer feedback”


  1. Tommi Vilkamo Says:

    Uh. Seem that the devices are becoming too complex and too scary for normal earthlings – I mean other than us techno-overlords.

    I wonder what we should do. I guess there are no easy solutions. It’s easier to bash bad user experience than to make it good, especially as there are so many design constraints in mobile devices.

  2. Niko Says:

    Agree on all counts. And yes, bashing is rather easy, but I feel there’s way too little of it. If something is broken, it doesn’t get better by repeating how good it is. Or are you saying this is the best we can get? ;)

    As a side note, I had another Nokia moment today: a friend asked what would be a good model to replace her four year old phone, and instantly the three N80 owners in the table shouted “NOT this one!”

  3. Peppe Says:

    …being one of those aforementioned N80 owners, I just wonder what the hell is going on with approved Nokia phones service and repairing companies: none of them is willing to update my N80. The word is on the street I’m not the only one. Niko might have a few words on this one as well. Oh, he already has had a few words… :-)

    Anyway, I just had to clear that “NOT this one!”-topic. I just feel – after a couple of months – that N80 is very much an underachievement. In a scale from 0 to 10 it’s just barely a six. It’s very buggy (for example, right now sending an SMS takes more than a minute, which is why I wanted to update it), clumsy to use, physically it feels like a secondhand Lada (making clunky rattling physical noises in your ears beyond lunacy whilst talking, scratching itself almost automatically thanks to its sliding case), the camera, although being a 3-megapixel-thing is much, much worse than my half dead ’98 Digital Ixus (2 megapix)… oh, speaking about the camera: the ridiculous switch next to optics is just worth a batteryless dildo, actually, it must be courtesy of the Krasnojarsk Lada Factory. NOT to mention the stupid themes with a serious lack of contrast: it’s practically impossible to use it in bright sunlight with your goggles on.

    Ok, at least the last one was sorted: I downloaded the “White” theme from s60.com and almost immediately wondered “why wasn’t this on board right from the beginning?” Then I remembered what a bunch of asscheek acne suffering overweight ├╝bernerds the developing team must be: they quite rarely encounter sunlight. And they do neither send text messages nor talk. They IRC. Which must be why the original development team didn’t notice the aforementioned issues.

    It’s easy to go bashing but what can you do when all the good things fit in one short sentence: The screen looks good and it has a 802.11 plus a black case. The wrist band broke after only a month of use. Oops, that’s bashing again, dammit. :-D