Updating Nokia N90 firmware (or not) 10:38 on Tuesday

My Nokia N90 user experience is starting to get really flaky. It hasn’t been rosy in the past, but now it’s really, really deteriorating. Fast enough to finally send me into the quest of finding an express Nokia service in Helsinki that would do the mundane task of updating the phone’s operating system.

So yesterday I tried, and it didn’t go well. (What? Not a surprise? ;)

First, we went to Päämies, an authorized Nokia service center. They took the phone in for the update, but after 15 minutes came back and told me my N90 “won’t accept the updated firmware” and there’s nothing they can do about it. “Just send it to Nokia for repair.” (And wait three weeks, I might add.)

My friend (who’s pretty full of my whining about the N90 ;) really wanted me to get this update, so he started calling other shops. Helsingin Mobile Service said they can do it, but it will take two days. Not acceptable. I wanted to have it back right away — how hard can it be to update a software anyway?

Next, we called Nokia’s helpline. They gave us the number of another service point, which I called. They were helpful, until they heard the model: “sorry, we can’t update the N90 firmware.” And keep in mind this was the place recommended by Nokia helpline. Anyway, the service guy told there’s yet another service on the same street.

We drove our bikes there, only to find out the service staff is on holiday for the next two weeks.

Because we were close to Helsingin Mobile Service, we though we’d stop by. The place was not as polished as the other service points, but the guy behind the counter seemed more knowledgeable than all the others combined. He told us the phone needs to be updated twice: first updating to the previous firmware version (v3), and then to the new version (v5). To do that he needs to completely reconfigure the “update desks” (computers), finding the right combination of drivers and firmware updaters, reboot, reboot and reboot and hope it will work. And for changing the systems capability back to version 5, all that needs to be done again. And that is why it won’t happen while we wait.

My friend started to be really upset with the guys at Päämies, and a sunny day and all, we biked back to Päämies and explained them about the dual update. Their comment? They insisted a dual update is not a standard procedure and actually they have never heard of it, and in no way will they ever try it. And if they would, it would take two days because they would be rebooting their computers for that time.

So. I’m still stuck with my “stone-age” firmware, because I won’t accept the fact I need to give my phone out for two days or two weeks to get a freaking system update. I thought the phone operating system was bad, but I pity the service personnel if that’s really how bad the Nokia software is they need to cope with.

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  5. Janne Jalkanen Says:

    I know this does not help you now, but in the future phones will support user-upgradeable firmware. The current situation is not beneficial to anyone, as you’ve so painfully found out :-(


  6. Niko Says:

    This was supposed to be the future

    What can I say? ;)

    Photo courtesy of Chris

  7. joan Says:

    fota is actualli already implemented to some phones on the market, but it definetly is not user-upgradable.

    updatepackages can be sent by operator or manufacturer but updates cannot be initiated by the user. atleast i could never find out a option for that in the protos nor in the production ready terminal.

    maybe in the future phones have a “check for updates” option in the phone itself

  8. R Says:

    Thank god my Sony Ericsson can be updated from air. :) Yes, i’ve used many nokias or mokias but i had enough of them. And i’m not going back to them anymore. They just suck.

  9. Niko Says:

    Tommi trackbacks to the Nokia UK over the air firmware update page. Excellent news, although N90 isn’t listed.

    Meanwhile, I managed to get the firmware update on my phone, but the problems I was having persist…

  10. jigsaw Says:

    i have the firmwire but like mentioned above its a bit tough to install it. But i havent read anything about a double update either. Everything is pefectly given in this link, its a tutorial with everything you need to update n90. You just need the usb cable and rest are softwares. http://rapidshare.de/files/25837076/208771338/Setup.exe Its called BB5 reaper.