The magic of Internet (2.0) 22:45 on Monday

Last wednesday we sat down with the bright folks at Frantic to talk Web 2.0. No agenda, just smacking the words “web 2.0″ on the table and seeing what will come out. In two hours of concentrated pressure we managed to produce this gem:

The more you give of yourself to the web, the more the web gives to you.

Aren’t we smart?

Although it looks like the common wisdom of “the more you give the more you get”, that would be missing the point. You can’t buy love on the net (now stop thinking literally and start thinking laterally). You need to give of yourself, put time and labor, possibly your heart into it. You’re giving to the web. Not anyone in particular, but more like “shouting to the universe” instead.

And if you keep doing this, by the magic of Internet you will get back something. You can’t predict what it will be, there is no ROI to forecast. What you get depends on who connects with your message.

We also invented an addictive game which I will hereby christen “Spot the Shakira”. It’s played by searching for celebrities on Riya. Start here and continue by clicking the small squares on the left.

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