More options = More productivity…? 00:29 on Friday

This piece of developer/marketer wisdom struck me on a website for AirEQ:

You can work faster with the many available options.

Audio software is notorious for the focus on eye-candy and featuritis over usability and task-based approach. Which is kinda strange, considering the relatively narrow palette of tasks carried out in producing audio and on the other hand the insane complexity of the pieces required in any current software-based studio setup.

So, to navigate this complexity and increase productivity, the developers address us with more options. Even if you’re not a music producer, this sounds familiar doesn’t it?

It is a common train of thought that more options make you work faster. The only explanation I can think of for justifying this logic is that:

  • the more options part comes from the management who need to think of ways to make more money to pay more wages to keep employees employed to build yet another new version of the software
  • the work faster part comes from the marketing department who need to sell the new version of the software

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m brainwashed for believing in simplicity.

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