Brands – The easy way is down 22:32 on Monday

User experience works in small steps upwards, and big drops downwards.

The User Experience ladder A not-too-serious diagram on the effects of branding on customer experience

The millions spent on branding during the lifetime of a company or a product is used to buy customer mind-share. Those millions can go down the drain in one minute if you receive sour customer service. Or worse, you’re completely neglected. Or you suffer a miserable user interface. Or you get overloaded with functionality.

What really matters is interaction between people.

  • A single advertisement can cost a million. The ad has to fight for the customers’ attention – if it catches the attention and if the ad resonates with the customer, then the ad can conquer a tiny spot in the customer’s head, stepping one step up the user experience ladder.
  • A single friendly and knowledgeable customer rep costs a couple of thousand a month. By cleverly adapting her interaction with the customers, she can create a much bigger impact on the mind-share, and move the customers up the UX ladder several steps at once.

So the customers are constantly being pulled up the user experience ladder either really slowly (and expensively) by advertising, or a bit quicker by the rare customer rep who enjoy their work. But, in a single minute a single zombie rep can drop the customer several floors.

Just an idea.

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  1. Michael Wagner Says:

    Very helpfully stated. And your graphic art adds a lot.

    I’m glad to have contributed some “fuel”. Your thoughts are enlarging the conversation for me and others.

    Keep creating, Mike