Finding Mac software to draft blog posts 00:15 on Saturday

Since starting my blog, I’ve used an old version of MacJournal for jotting down notes and drafting my blog posts. I don’t like the new MacJournal version, it’s got too many unnecessary featuers. Now that I have an Intel Mac, it doesn’t make sense to use a non-universal app, and therefore I decided to try Mori.

Mori is another tool that allows you to write stuff, keep those writings organized in a somewhat hierarchical manner, label and quickly search the notes. Mori is an ok little app, but again it shows feature creep, which is all the more disturbing taking how young an application it is. I also lost my nerves with the columns that don’t remember the selected sort order and the search that works unlike every other similar search on OS X (you need to use wildcards to find partial words.. it’s so nineties).

So, with that little disappointment I started to think about what I actually need.

  • I need to be able to write, preferably rich text.
  • I need to keep the writings organized, mainly by date, preferably with the most recent notes at top. A secondary way of organizing is hierarchical (I’d prefer a non-hierarchical system but more about that in another post).
  • To help me create an infinite loop by always linking to myself, I need a text search on the contents of the writings.

And then I got an a-ha. All of this can be done without a specialized tool. All I need is the OS X Finder and TextEdit. TextEdit has all the editing capability of Mori and MacJournal, and I can reliably sort and hierarchically store the separate rich text format files in the Finder. There’s Spotlight search on every Finder window, and I should I want I can even save the searches I use more often. To tune the search results, I can save keywords for the documents, either from TextEdit or in the Finder Get Info window.

2 Responses to “Finding Mac software to draft blog posts”


  1. Juha Says:

    Have you tried voodoopad?


    I use it for organizing everything outside my brains.

  2. Niko Says:

    Yes I have, and even used it for awhile at some point. But something in Voodoopad didn’t work for me… can’t exactly remember what it was though.