Aula 2006 Movement notes 00:06 on Friday

Yesterday was the open-for-all day of the Aula Movement event about “mobile 2.0 (mobility meets web 2.0)”. Quite a few interesting speakers and quite few interesting talks. Some art thrown in.

Clay Shirky started the event with a talk that could be summarized as “there is a (very) long tail in open source software, that reduces (distributes? atomizes?) the cost to fail, and that makes open source interesting”.

Jukka Perko played sax on top of an ambient piece (Music For Airplanes) composed by one of the Aula founders, Marko Ahtisaari.

Nokia’s newly appointed Head of Design, Alastair Curtis delivered a boring presentation, assuring the audience Nokia wants to talk to consum… err, people!

Niina Hyvärinen did a dance performance with an oriental influence. I often don’t find dance performances very pleasing, but this one I kinda liked.

Martin Varsavsky was there to give an entertaining pitch about the global WiFi community FON, which he has founded (among other great things). I signed up.

Finally, Joichi Ito, self-confessed passionate gamer and an entrepreneur “who gets bored quickly” talked over-enthusiastically about WoW and the wonders of being ever present for your 500 closest friends, and how the youngsters playing the game (he’s something like 40) will want their work projects to be run like WoW raids are run.

Later in the evening people gathered at Ahjo to listen to ambient music performed live by Samuli Kosminen (he plays with Múm, check the band out at FatCat Records and MySpace) and saxophonist Jukka Perko. The music flowed from drone to frantic rhythm patterns. All in all, it was Very Good.

At Ahjo I bumped into Ville Hyvönen who runs Pimp My Laptop (which has received too few links compared to how cool it is) and also happens to create ambient music as Memnon, which I’m about to remix as Softys. (sometimes I amaze even myself with these paragraphs that say nothing apart from advertising myself and friends!)

Before leaving I said hello to Juha and ended up talking about the relativity of time and space (location) and the importance of not just being present but actually being Here and Now. Not only for others but yourself as well. As he put it, a counter-argument to Joi Ito’s vision.

It seems like getting out is worth the trouble sometimes. ;)

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