What to do with the Softys blog 23:21 on Tuesday

What should I do with the Softys blog? Should I keep it on a release announcements only basis? Or what could be The Content there that would catapult the interestingness of the blog to new heights?

Here’s an idea, so obvious it’s almost silly, that I got from Reboot (thanks to Sampo and Liisa). Maybe I should simply talk about chillout music. Music I love to listen to and music that has had an effect on my own creations. What do you think?

Update: I’ve added my most played chillout tracks on the Softys blog.

One Response to “What to do with the Softys blog”


  1. Orion Says:

    Music (chill-out) recommendations would be more than welcome. Or at least some content. I guess Softys’ readers/listeners want to read and discuss about music anyway :) I haven’t subscribed to the Softys RSS-feed (except the podcast) because the latest news are always available here and the tracks are sent directly to my iTunes. But that would be a reason to subscribe.