Best practices in business and music 22:50 on Monday

I originally sent this to Sig to comment on his (old) post on business best practices, but I thought it could work as a blog post, too.

It has been argued all music has been made. I think those people want to say, there are no melodies, sequences of notes, that have not been used before. So in that sense there is no such thing as new music.

But I don’t think anybody can safely say there wouldn’t be very, very strong best practices in music, successfully used by artists all over the world. It could be the three-chords in blues or rock, rhythmic patterns, a Roland 303 bass sound, distortion of a certain Marshall amp, tried and true ways to create tension, a piano lick, a filter, a sample, a vocal treatment, whatever.

The mediocre take those best practices and copy them, creating music that’s instantly old. But the best of the best, they apply the best practices, usually combining a few of them, and create music that is new, fresh, but still eerily familiar and touching to millions of people.

Now what’s left is for You to draw the analogy to business.

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