Reboot 8 conclusion 21:38 on Sunday

Reboot 8. What can I say. I don’t really feel rebooted, unless you count my (and everyone else’s) ass being metaphorically kicked by Ben Hammersley‘s talk. The Pecha Kucha talks (20 slides, 20 seconds each) were very engaging as well, especially the ones by Matt Webb, Tom Armitage and Guy Dickinson.

Of course these conferences are as much – or more – about the people than death by powerpoint. This being my first conference in years, I found that it’s easier to network when you:

  1. know exactly what you do (I don’t)
  2. can define what you’re interested in (I can’t)
  3. are an extrovert (I’m not)
  4. are a speaker at the conference and you don’t really have to do the networking yourself as people want to talk to you (I wasn’t)

It was all good, but I think it could be even better.

So what kind of conference would be better?

A conference that challenges my thinking. More extravagant speakers and challenging subjects. Ben Hammersley did good and the Pirate bay guys had a radical subject but a boring presentation. Matt Webb challenged with his talk about senses.

And I did get challenged outside the presentations. By Joshua who said I can only email him a link to Softys if I explain why ever he should click on it. By Mark Hurst with his out of the blue questions of “what is the soul of Finland nowadays” and “Niko, explain GEL to these German gentlemen, I’m too tired”. ;)

Presentations that point the way ahead, not just explain what cool stuff has been done, or “to what imaginary grand palce this all is taking us”. I want people with the courage to offer next steps. Proven next steps, or outrageous and experimental next steps, I don’t care. Provoke action! People who are rather extremely passionate than extremely knowledgeable about their subject.

And I want a huge chess timer on the screen to moderate the length of questions after the presentations.

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