The Media Gap 19:37 on Thursday

The media gap
The Media Gap (Neuman, W. R. (1991). The Future of Mass Audience. Cambridge University Press, UK.)

I got this 15-year old image from a friend who pointed the media gap as a possible reason for the success of social networks and user generated content. There is a good point in the picture… Having been sitting at Reboot for the day I have to add though this is by no means argued as the sole reason for the aforementioned success. Maybe it is appropriate for Wikipedia and similar user generated content?

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2 Responses to “The Media Gap”


  1. Sami Salmenkivi Says:

    The axis could be three dimensional, third dimension being access. In my opinion access to a particular communication medium is one of the key elements relating to this topic and would emphasize the Gap even more. Ordinary person’s access to a telephone as a communication medium is great, but access to radio, television, books, movies etc. is virtually impossible. Now, the new communication and conversation mediums, such as blogs would fit in to the access gap as well.

  2. Olle Jonsson Says:

    Oh, I just came here after reading Steven’s notes on having read stuff on Peter’s weblog. The commenters there talk about making DIY zines &c, and I was taken with the Xerox-machine cult (and the cult of the activity around it; I was too lazy to make a paper zine, but when I had learnt enough HTML to set colors, and using an FTP client, I told my friends they could read my web zine “Helt Jävla Körd” (Swedish for “All Fucked Up [in the head]“). I believe it’s all about barrier of entry.