Pointless greetings from Reboot 17:14 on Thursday

I don’t have much to say actually, but being at a geek conference it’s pretty daft to exhibit a blank blog home page to anyone who’s visiting.

So, I’m at Reboot. Didn’t know where I was going, and still don’t know what to think of this. The topics are interesting, some presentations are about pretty basic stuff, others are more cutting edge, and then some are completely over the edge.

Especially the ones near and beyond the edge remind me of the crazy days at Razorfish — in good and bad. Playing the “silent samurai” in a workshop wasn’t too far from a Razorfish meeting.

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2 Responses to “Pointless greetings from Reboot”


  1. Olle Jonsson Says:

    Oh, another veteran of Ye Olde Internet. I guess many of the Rebooters were veterans of that age, but then again, some are young, and some were not in The Industry then.

    A personal hello: This is me, Olle, the Finnish-language fan.

  2. Niko Says:

    And it goes further, back to the days of Mosaic 1.2. ;)

    I still think we have to deliver that presentation on Language 2.0 at Reboot9. Gentlemen, start your powerpoints.