New Softys release online 23:17 on Sunday

Softys March release artwork

The Softys animation for March is finally online. There are big buttons for watching the animation and downloading the track on the Softys front page, you can’t miss them. Check it out and if – and only if – you like it, pretty please forward the link to your friends. And send me feedback, I thrive on it.

This undertaking was a true show of collaboration. Two of my friends came up with the concept, developed the animation from models crafted of newspaper(!) into vector renditions flying in a space of 3d-math. Janne agreed to lend his superb illustration skills for the project. And Kim of Plastinka Records took time off his busy schedule to clear the Kemopetrol sample used in the song. Big thanks to Kim, all the Kemos and Kimmo of Sony BMG for sorting the sample out. And huge thanks for shining a light and restoring a bit of my faith in music business.

All of this happened for free, or more accurately, for good-will. It’s not business, but it goes to show people are willing to participate in creating good experience.

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