Guerilla Gatorade and the no-brand TV spot 18:15 on Wednesday

Jaffe blogs about a Gatorade tv spot and goes on to say omitting the brand name from the spot shows unnecessary arrogance and ego, and might exclude new prospects in the process. Could be.

For various reasons guerilla marketing has been on my plate a lot lately. A friend of mine works for an ad agency as an event producer (in a broad sense, you know who you are so correct me if I’m wrong ;) and another is doing research on marketing and he is obviously a big fan of guerilla marketing tactics.

Both friends are big on limiting the visibility of the brand graphics: no pushing of the brand name, no using of big logos, possibly not even small logos. They trust the consumer of the brand message (in whatever form that message might be) to do some thinking, and enjoy the “click” moment after the little brain-teaser. The click makes the consumer feel smart for figuring it out, and (hopefully) feel the brand was smart to create that click. Everybody gets smart.

To draw some questions from this by generalizing:

  • Is Gatorade showing great online guerilla marketing tactics?
  • Or is guerilla marketing inefficient in the sense of excluding new prospects?
  • None of the above?

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