Before email 23:14 on Saturday

It’s Saturday night, and I just finished watching Before Sunrise.

The movie tells about a French girl and an American guy who meet by chance on a train. She’s on her way home to Paris and he is headed to Vienna to catch an early morning flight back to the States. They end up spending a night walking around Vienna and talking about their life… The film is entirely about these two people having conversations, with all the moods coming through very subtly, from awkward and uneasy to lusting for each other. They have a strong connection with each other, but decide not to exchange addresses or phone numbers as the calls and letters would never match that one night in Vienna and would just fade the relationship to gray.

So… why do I blog about this romantic flick in my blog dedicated to manly sports like mobile phone bashing or blogging about blogging? Well, the movie was released in 1995 and probably filmed a year earlier, that’s some 12 years ago. Think how different it would have been three years later: in 1998 everybody was routinely emailing each other and two youngsters meeting on a train would have probably introduced themselves first by email address, second by name.

Three years can be such a long time, while 22 years can seem so short, as I wrote earlier today.

Anyway, it’s a great film about instincts, the power of a summer night and how throwing yourself into a small adventure can make you anew.

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  1. Juansi Says:

    Hi Niko!

    This comment in your blog makes me think about if our needs make new technologies to appear and be developed or if new technologies push us to have new needs.

    20 years ago there was no problem if there was no way of reaching someone by phone but nowadays if someone gives you a call to your cell phone and you do not answer people really begin to worry about you “May be he/she is in danger!”.

    I think most of the times we let technologies control our lifes without being aware of that.

    We are loosing the romantic old fashioned and always more human ways of doing everything and I think that’s a pity.

    We cannot let technologies replace our old traditional ways: is there anything better than having a hot cup of cooffe with a good friend???

    I see how people (most of them teenagers) are loosing their social habits and replacing them for other less human habits (communication through sms, e-mails, playing computer games, etc) and that current is creating less human people.

    As I said: it is a big pity!