Cheap car sharing, please 09:24 on Thursday

I would love to take part in a flexible, reasonably priced car sharing. I’m not sure though if that would work here in Finland. Does car sharing require a certain population density to be profitable for the provider?

5 Responses to “Cheap car sharing, please”


  1. Visa Says:

    There’s City Car Club. I don’t know if it’s reasonably priced, but I know people who use it.

  2. Niko Says:

    They are not. It can get even more expensive than renting a car if you don’t need it often.

  3. Janne Says:

    I find them reasonably priced. They’ve targeted themselves on the zone between infrequent rentals and owning your car, which works for me really well.

    I find that using a taxi is the cheapest way if you need only really infrequent use. After that it’s rental, after that it’s car sharing, after that you buy your own car…

  4. Niko Says:

    I’ll admit my price comparisonsa are based on my infrequent trips to 500km away, where I stay for a few days. For that rental is cheaper. Taxi definitely isn’t. :P

  5. Janne Jalkanen Says:

    Yup. Then rental is the best way for you. I on the other hand need a car infrequently (twice-three times a month) to transport stuff around the capital area, so CCC works for me.

    Sometimes it even makes sense to drive by bus to a location, then buy stuff, load it to a taxi and get home.