Communication within music business 10:06 on Sunday

For a few years I’ve dealt with UK’s premier independent music publisher Metrophonic Music (check their premier website ;) who administer a publishing deal I made with another company back in 2001 or so. I exchange the maximum of two mails with them each year, around the times the royalties are due. I’m not sure how to interpret this, but during these years I’ve only corresponded with someone called “Mail” who has an email address mail@metrophonic… ;) He/she/it sends email, replies to email, but never ever have I seen a single employee name on these emails.

Does it tell about the company culture at Metrophonic? Does it tell about the music business at large? Will they still pay me royalties after posting this? (probably, I guess mr/mrs/ms/the Mail must be too busy to have time for my blog)

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  1. Holger Says:

    Haha, that’s funny