Experience Good Experience Live 10:11 on Saturday

Good Experience Live — I haven’t been to it, but I know that it is a conference (of sorts). I’ve seen videos from last year’s GEL in New York, and the talks are really something else. Captivating speakers from fields you don’t even know about. Strong personalities telling what defines “good experience” for them. Some presenters leave you wondering “what was that all about”, some are interesting in a Discovery Channel kinda way, and some simply blow your mind away.

Animaris Rhinoceros Transport, a walking steel creature by Theo Jansen Animaris Rhinoceros Transport, a walking steel creature by Theo Jansen

Laurie Rosenwald and her rapid-fire mistake-celebrating design approach did that to me. Theo Jansen‘s 5-meter tall walking steel creature left me in complete awe, weighing two tons and still being light enough to be pulled by kids. Barry Schwartz linked good experience to the rare but sweet scarcity of choice. Rick Smolan explained how a crazy (and expensive) idea no-one believed in became a best-selling photography series. The GEL site has video clips of these and other 2005 speakers.

This is not a conference you go to to learn a specific technology or inside information on the newest buzzwords. I believe the main thing I will get out of GEL is a sense of open possibilities: anything can be done, and any crazy idea that provides a good experience can be worth doing. Be it pranks or creating a free encyclopedia edited by the readers. Or reinventing your product. And personally I think that is way more valuable than any buzzword you’ll ever hear.

Interested? GEL is coming to Denmark in September and details for euroGEL with registration info and a partial list of speakers are up. If you work for a Big Boss and want to come, you might also need help selling GEL to whoever sits on the money. Unfortunately it’s a lot easier for them to give money for a new Java certificate than the complete revitalization of your brain (that’s how I see it).

As a disclaimer I will admit that I promised Mark Hurst (who’s putting the conference together) to tell everyone I know about GEL. But I wouldn’t use my blog estate for it if I didn’t believe in the conference. There’s no incentive for me, except the dream of tens.. no hundreds of you readers signing up immediately, Mark having a soft moment, and sending me a free ticket. Well, I can always dream…

Update: Ooops, forgot to link to the video clips! Check them out…

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  1. Cris Pearson Says:

    “any crazy idea that provides a good experience can be worth doing.”

    Love that!