On blogging, Darwin, homepages, and self-esteem 13:19 on Wednesday

I’m getting all tired about this string of posts I’ve written about blogging lately. But I had a 3 hour long chat with a friend last night and as an almost-blog-virgin he had some great insight:

  • 1st requirement of blogging: “You need self-esteem, because without self-esteem you don’t do fuck with a blog.”
  • Homepage: Plain HTML site with old content, of which too much is on the way of the only reason to come to the site: To find the company’s phone number.
  • And no matter which way we looked at blogging, a form of content darwinism always emerged: Be interesting or be nothing. The key is to find your niche. (I know it’s not a good term, but I just wanted to sound cooler than I am and refer to Darwin.)
  • Bonus for Finnish readers: niche translates to soiro.

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