Installing LifeBlog 2.0 on N90 09:55 on Wednesday

Update: LifeBlog has been updated to work with the older firmware versions found in N70, N72 and N90. So no more worries.

So, I installed LifeBlog 2.0 on my N90 and it didn’t quite work out. It was as simple as any install of S60 software on Mac OS X:

  • Download software (a file with a dummy icon and usually a non-descriptive 8 letter name followed by .sis. This time of course, it was a descriptive lifeblog.sis)
  • Choose the downloaded file in Finder and choose Send File to BlueTooth Device… from the Services menu. Send the file to the phone.
  • On the phone, open the arrived message to start the install procedure.
  • Say yes to confirm that yes, you really want to install the program.
  • Say yes, you want to overwrite LifeBlog 1.7 with the new 2.0 version.
  • Say continue to skip viewing certificate (or whatever, my phone is in Finnish)
  • Roll your head when the phone asks if you want the application to start automatically when the phone is started. Press either yes or no. (I pressed yes, which yielded consequences explained below.)
  • Installation is finished.

Easy, isn’t it. I bet your mother could do it.

At this point I went to the Menu to start up the new LifeBlog. I clicked on the icon, and… a familiar blank screen… and back to the menu. I clicked again, and another 2 seconds of nothing and back to the menu. Great.

I shut down and restarted the phone (which, by the way if I haven’t mentioned, is really, really slow, and to make it feel even slower the lights are sometimes on even when the phone is not actually starting up). After entering my PIN, I get a really non-descriptive error message in English (my phone is in Finnish, mind you), about some process not being able to start or something.

I installed the software two more times with no improvement in operation. I deleted LifeBlog from the phone and installed again. I restarted. I installed more. I got rid of the startup error, but LifeBlog still won’t launch.

So, anyone care to throw a copy of LifeBlog 1.7 my way?

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  4. Daniel Says:

    The download in question has been fixed, so you should now be able to download 2.0 from http://www.nokia.com/lifeblog/downloads successfully.

  5. Niko Says:

    Re-downloaded it, installed it, didn’t work. Removed it, rebooted, re-installed it, rebooted, got an error message. This time in Finnish, something along the lines of “Can’t launch lbtrackerobs. Application might need to be removed.” (I especially like the “might” in this message. So who knows if it should be removed, and how do I remove it? Actually, what the hell is it?)

    Probably needless to say, LifeBlog still doesn’t work on the phone.

    But what needs to be said is that this proves what blogs can do. I post my problems online, I get an almost instant answer from the relevant product manager of a multinational company. This would have never happened have I gone through the pre-blogging channels of calling the support etc.

    So Daniel, thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Ivan Says:

    Could you try to uninstall Lifeblog from App.Manager and then install lifeblog.sis again? If it doesn’t help, please tell which firmware version of N90 you have (you can obtain it by dialing *#0000#)

  7. Niko Says:

    App.Manager is probably “Hallinta” in Finnish? That’s where I removed/uninstalled the LifeBlog and then installed again. Didn’t help. Firmware is version 2.0527.2.3, 06-07-05, RM-42.

  8. Apocalypso™ Says:

    It sounds as some kind of application conflict!?

    Try to bootup phone in safe mode without MMC and that reinstall application in phone mem and try it once again.

    BTW: You have Stone Age firmware version, its strongly suggestible to update it to the latest one:


    Hope that helps..


  9. Niko Says:

    “Stone age” being less than three months older than the newest one. :D Anyway, safe mode booting didn’t help either.

  10. Apocalypso™ Says:


    p>““Stone age

  11. Niko Says:

    Tried it without the MMC, and only thing different was that when launching LifeBlog I got a “System error” in place of just an empty screen flashing by… ;)

  12. Apocalypso™ Says:


    Well, I’ll try it tomortow on my baby just to be sure that it isn’t N90 issue, and keep you informed of course.

  13. David Says:

    Niko, I’m having the exact same problem you are. Firmware: V .20530.3.5 29-07-05 RM-42.

    Since lifeblog 1.7 doesn’t work with the 2.0 PC version, it’s a frustrating problem.

  14. Niko Says:

    Good to know I’m not alone. I’ll hopefully have time to go and get the firmware update next Tuesday and see if it cures the problem.

  15. David Says:

    And the version of Lifeblog I tried was 2.0.23

  16. Dylan Says:

    Yes I have the same problem and have firmware V2.0530.3.5 29-07-05 RM-42. My father has a newer N90 and his is working well with Lifeblog 2.0 I will see what firmware he has on his phone.

  17. Apocalypso™ Says:


    in meantime I made some tests and it seams that it doesn’t works on my baby to, I hadn’t problems with installation but application doesn’t work, splash and out :(

    As I have older firmware version it really could be firmware issue?! Now I’m really curious about and I’ll test in on phone with latest firmware version ASAP and let you know is it work or not.

    Kind regards, Teo

  18. Dylan Says:

    Hmmm. Yes my fathers N90 being newer has the following firmware, V3.0545.5.1 07-11-05 RM-42 He also stated that he can now nolonger open any photo’s I send him via MMS within his Lifeblog 2.0 on his pc…it shows the thumbnail but will not let him open the full picture. Hope this helps

  19. Daniel Says:

    Will try to get you a definitive answer for this… watch this space.

  20. David Says:

    Thanks Daniel. I know a lot of American N90 users don’t know how to update their firmware, so it’s a pretty crucial upgrade. Is there anyway to update firmware remotely?

  21. Niko Says:

    Check one more to the problems list: after trying to install the new LifeBlog, the Log application doesn’t record missed/dialed/answered calls. (at least not reliably)

  22. Daniel Says:

    The issue seems pretty much as you guys have analyzed ;) With firmware that is newer than V3.0545.5.1 07-11-05 RM-42, Lifeblog starts fine. Seems updating the firmware might be the only solution…

    p.s. call logs are not tracked by Lifeblog, Niko. You think it should?

  23. Niko Says:

    No it shouldn’t. ;) But somehow it seems the non-functioning LifeBlog installation stopped Log from working. Maybe something to do with the lbtrackerobs thing that throws me an error when I start up the phone?

  24. David Says:

    Seems updating the firmware might be the only solution

    Is there a way to do this remotely? What is the best way for someone in NYC to get this done?


  25. Ivan Says:

    I’m afraid there’s no easy way to upgrade firmware remotely – one will have to visit Nokia Service Center for that.

    It looks that only N90 firmware versions 2.0530.3.5 29-07-05 and older are affected. Lifeblog 2.0.23 for N70/N90 works fine starting from N90 3.0535.4.3 from 01-09-2005.

    As Daniel said in his comment – watch this space – we are currenly working on a solution to enable users with the old firmware to still use Lifeblog 2.0

  26. Dylan Says:

    Just a note to say that I am also experiencing the missed call malfunction. I look forward to the fix as upgrading the firmware here in the UK does not seem easy either.

  27. Niko Says:

    Restarting the phone helps… for awhile. I’m one of those people who like to keep their phone on all the time and never turn it off (except in the movies). S60 phones are more like computers in a way that they need some maintenance, and one of the good things to do is to restart the phone every now and then. Updating firmware is another thing, although it is a pain in the a…

  28. Apocalypso™ Says:

    Here I am…

    It seams that I have right, it’s the firmware issue definitely, Life Blog doesn’t work on the oldest firmware version, actually I made some test and here are the results:



  29. Jamie Craig Says:

    I’m having the same problems on firmware V2.0530.3.5 (29-07-05), so I’m guessing it’s v3 and up firmware that works, based on the responses above. Such fun. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anywhere nearby (Glasgow) that will do the firmware upgrades, so I’m stuck waiting on Nokia fixing it.

  30. David Says:

    So Daniel and Ivan – what should we do? Watch this space? Wait for a new Lifeblog? Is their a list of places in the US where N90 users can get their firmware updated?

    Thanks, David

  31. Hugo Says:

    ivankuznetsov.com > Lifeblog 2.0 update for N70/N72/N90

  32. Ivan Kuznetsov Says:


    Thank you Hugo for publishing the link. David, to answer your question – please download updated version of Lifeblog 2.0 (2.0.24) from http://www.nokia.com/lifeblog. It works on N90 without firmware update.

    // Ivan

  33. Niko Says:

    Hi all, downloaded the new version and it works! Not surprisingly, I did not find the time to backup my data and go to the only place in Helsinki where they update firmware while you wait… so I’ll be the perfect guinea pig to test this release of LifeBlog. ;)

    What did surprise me though was that the new version found text messages and Images (thumbnails only I suppose) which have not been on my phone for months. If deleted data stays on the device, someone might even call it a memory leak… however intended.

  34. Nathan Says:

    My Nkia 6670 displayed the essage “lbtrackerobs … application needs to be removed” it keps freezing and have limited acess to phone applications like cant acess the address book among other functions, how do I sort this out?