Blogs are not weblogs 10:25 on Sunday

Tumblelogs are not The New Thing. Actually, those are the real blogs, a.k.a web logs. Tumblelogs are the medium that’s nowadays used to “log web surfing”, the original intent of the word we|blog.

So, to get things semantically right, I propose renaming your blog to dwell under a more appropriate label. Choose one:

  • Klog. Worklog, also known as a business/company/corporate blog. A place where the blogger talks about his/her work.
  • Elog. Besides sounding very end-of-90′s-trendy, this is a lifelog. Quite possibly replacing a diary, an elog contains the “interesting” things that happen in your everyday life, your flickr photos and such.
  • Bylog. Hobbylog. Do you blog about biking, kayaking, or bouldering? You’re running a bylog.
  • Tehlog. Techlog. You might think the name is wrong as it doesn’t adhere to the basic log semantics, but you’re wrong. And I am right. At the same time this name conveys technology, has a geeky twist on letters, and sounds bloggable (I mean, tehloggable). By including a cleverly misspelled version of adjective “the”, the name promotes individuality. If the sole aim of your blogging is to get flashdotted, you’re tehlogging.
  • Treelog. As in MP3-log, is the place to post and share your MP3s that “are legal I think, but I’ll take them offline when the feds come knockin”.

Can you define more log species?

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  1. Peppe Says:

    Hmm, came to think about this second entry and would suggest a correction – would “flog” be too far away from phonetic appearance, instead that nauseating “elog”?