Why would anyone read a blog? 18:31 on Saturday

…this is continuation from yesterday and the day before.

Whenever I try to explain (business) blogging to blog virgins, one question surfaces inevitably: “Why would someone read my blog?” Well, you tell me! What do you have to say? Most everybody is willing to talk about their work, but still answering that question is difficult. What is the discussion you should be having? Finding the answer and possibly re-finding the passion for your work, is what blogging can do to You.

So when you know what you want to discuss, other people with aligned interests start participating in the discussion. Why?

  • People want to be on the inside and see what’s happening (with your company, for instance). For some, getting this peek is enough. These are the readers.
  • People want to voice their opinion, they want to give feedback, they want to talk to you. Poople want to be heard. These are the commenters.

The above are notes to myself rather than a definitive answer to why or how blogging works. So don’t take my word for it, but read these examples:

  • The inevitable gapingvoid quote: Blogging doubled Stormhoek sales in less than 12 months
  • Tommi of S60 blogs explains how he got to the top of search results for “S60 applications” by putting in 5-10% of his working time. His blog represents his employer, so go figure the equivalent ROI on AdSense adverts or the like…
  • And finally, Sig explains how that small percentage of time put on blogging is actually time spent on thinking that would have been done anyway. Now it’s just done aloud, allowing the thoughts to be bounced off smart strangers.
    (I might add, that for some companies the thinking required to blog might be the first time that level of structured thinking happens at all. And when you get from zero thinking to 1% thinking, you’ve already improved an infinite amount. And what’s the ROI on “infinite improvement” again? Just half kidding.)

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