Requirements for (business) blogging 09:37 on Friday

continued from yesterday.

Some might say otherwise, but personally I think blogging is not for everyone, and even less for every business. There are certain things a blogger, and a company getting into blogging, needs. Like yesterday, these thoughts are random, collected, and mostly not mine:

Courage to be criticized. Courage to have your customers point out your flaws. (Bonus link about courage.)

Courage to be transformed. Or disrupted. The transformation could be radical, and could happen quickly. Or nothing might happen. Be prepared.

Courage to be honest. The blogger needs to write honestly and to do that the company needs to be honest. Too much of marketing is based on false images and being selective on facts, and for that I believe not all companies are ready for the truth. Blog a lie, and suffer.

Tech savvy and interest in social networking. For us geeks this sounds like a non-requirement, but I think this is the most overlooked aspect when it comes to people. Could be an important factor as to why the blogging success stories come from techies and others who earn a living hanging on the net anyway.

Willingness and time to engage in the conversation. Markets are conversations. Blogs are about conversations. And conversations take time.

Patience to allow the momentum to build up. Setting up a blog and expecting thousands at the door the next day isn’t going to work. I’ve blogged actively for six months and I’m now starting to see this going somewhere — and I think I got here fast.

Some writing and self-editing ability. Another overlooked aspect. Not everyone is a writer by nature.

A nice character. You might have a rough style, and push a few buttons with your strong opinions, but at the you need to play nice.

Tomorrow, some ideas why anyone would read your blog…

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