What’s this blogging thing anyway 08:12 on Thursday

I haven’t been to blogger conferences, I haven’t read the Cluetrain Manifesto in full, and I haven’t read Naked Conversations or any other book about blogging for that matter. So pardon me if I’m reinventing the wheel here.

To be able to better introduce blogging to blog virgins at companies I’ve thought about what blogging is, what are the requirements of maintaining a (business) blog, and why they should care. A few random and collected thoughts below.

Blogging is loud thinking, opensourcing thoughts to improve them. Some ask for hard numbers, I ask what is the value of accelerated thinking and getting smarter?

Blogging keeps people aligned by communicating your end of the story and allowing others to respond. “Keeping aligned” as in giving others enough to know where you stand and align with you, and hearing back from people and letting yourself align with them.

Blogging is not repurposed news bulletins.

Blogging does not save you from your mediocrity, ignorance or lack of belief in your product, your company or yourself.

More on the requirements of blogging tomorrow…

3 Responses to “What’s this blogging thing anyway”


  1. Derek Powazek Says:

    Back in 2000, I asked a similar question. Here’s what they said.

  2. Niko Says:

    My intent was to write about blogging as it relates to businesses, but I guess it didn’t come through as well as it is articulated in my head.

    To think about what blogging is universally is something I have an opinion on, but am not willing to start discussing on this blog. ;)

  3. Shel Israel Says:

    Bloggers like you should keep reinventing the wheel as you stated. Every time, it gets reinvented it looks a little different and often runs a little better. Keep it up.