Feeling digitally uncomfortable 18:39 on Tuesday

Blogging, Last.fm, MySpace… Whether it’s sites dedicated to networking, review sites, or writing your own blog, online social networking creates a digital representation of you. Everything you contribute to this web of information builds up your digital persona. In addition to you providing information about yourself, others can contribute to how you’re represented digitally by rating your reviews, commenting on your listening habits, and responding to your blog entries.

In a way anybody can get a tiny taste of what it feels like to be a celebrity, with the world watching and commenting on what you do. I think this would be important to realize before venturing into social networks, because not everyone is fully prepared to process the incoming commentary. Sometimes the fact that anybody can do surveillance on you can get uncomfortable.

Why do I blog this? I was reminded of this when I got this email from my French friend in Italy:

Big brother is watching meBig brother sent me a screenshot of my screen.

Although I didn’t mind him keeping track of what I’m listening to, seeing a list of the music I listened to a minute ago brought back into my awareness that anyone can watch quite a many things I do online, from my bookmarks to my listening habits. And I think it’s important to realize this and decide it’s ok for myself.

Touching on the subject, ClaimID promises to keep track of your digital persona… I’m waiting for their invite to check it out.

2 Responses to “Feeling digitally uncomfortable”


  1. Terrell Russell Says:

    Hey Niko, it’s on its way.

    Make sure to give us an update when it’s all linked up.


  2. Niko Says:

    Thanks a bunch! Spent the last hour plugging in links.. and will need to continue later. Looks good in any case.