How not to sell music online 14:26 on Saturday

You know what really sucks? Not meeting the system requirements to do a purchase online.

I’m a huge Prince fan, and I want to buy (almost) everything he produces. I just went to the NPG Music Club that apparently has a lot of music hidden behind the hideously slow Flash interface, which expects me to have the patience to wave my mouse around the screen until I find something that acts as a link to… somewhere.

Clicking around, I found a way to add a downloadable album to my shopping cart. I did that, and got to a page telling me there are 0 items in your shopping cart. Why? Because my browser did not meet the system requirements for the site.

I might be wrong, but if you want to make money off something as hard to sell and as easy to copy as music, you better make it easier than the easiest you can think of. Making it a time-consuming quest to actually add products to the shopping cart and then making it impossible to order is not the way to do business. It’s ridiculously stupid.

I might regret such wording later on, but I’m mad for not being able to buy the music I like so much.

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  1. Peppe Says:

    Well, I’d say that’s some on-line copy protection scheme in practice.

    And no, you shouldn’t regret your words. Sincerity is a rare treat nowadays, what’s shit should be called “shit”, what’s good should be announced good, in HUGE CAPITALS.

    (On the other hand, that and all other shit could be just way too cool and purple for us mere mortals.)