Artek Culturelab is open 16:57 on Friday

The reason for only posting quick tumbles for the last days was that I’ve been working on Artek Culturelab.

It’s big, it’s bold, and definitely not easy on the requirements. But it is a blog that doesn’t look like any other blog (I’ve seen) and the initial content written by various authors is top notch.

It’s not bold only on the design and implementation, it’s bold on concept as well. Why do I think so? Because anyone can register and write. It aims to be an open forum for anyone who wants to let the world know their deep thoughts on art, culture, design and technology.

  • Design because Artek is a design company
  • Art & Culture because Artek started as a company of radical thinkers and they want to bring back some of that original atmosphere
  • Technology because since 1930′s Artek’s vision has been to research new wood processing techniques and use the results to create and sell even more design furniture

So there. Go join the conversation. The un-blogginess of it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but all the more I think it’s great to do work for a company that has the courage to experiment and to disrupt themselves.

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