N90 has automatic voice recognition 02:06 on Friday

Here is a proof that there are still technical features that can wow me.

At first I was wondering how I could go about removing the voice dialing fingerprints in my phone’s Address Book. I wanted to remove them as I thought the voiceprints were transferred over from my old phone. After listening to one of the voiceprints, I wondered if I really have such a robot-ish voice. And then I noticed every one of my contacts has a voice dialing fingerprints. An automatically generated voice fingerprint, that even pronounces and recognizes Finnish accent. Wow.

I must say that after discovering the feature we had a lot of fun with my friends, typing in words from 90s techno pop songs into the Address Book.

3 Responses to “N90 has automatic voice recognition”


  1. ville Says:

    Best use for this function I have found is to use N90 as a modern “magic eightball” omen to make prophecys of future. I’ve got over 1200 names in my addressbook, and every time I press the voice regonition button (red dottet camera button on the side when lid is closed) and ask something like “who is ripping me of” or “who should I love” it gives me an answer. Try it out!

  2. Niko Says:

    I tried asking “who is ripping me off”. Shortly a message appeared on the screen: “Calling Luottokunta…”

    So it works!

  3. Peppe Says:

    Erm, guys, you’ve spent way too much time with your smartiephones. :-D

    So, is it possible to record those voiceprints? I was just wondering whether I could create a “Custom Nokia Robovox” รก la Kraftwerk by sampling all those syllables and transferring them over to NI Kontakt 2.

    Now it seems I’ve spent too much time with my music software…