Addictions 22:56 on Monday

What are you addicted to?

To draw a distinction between addictions and things you like, you do or consume what you’re addicted to even when you don’t like to. Addictions are habits you can’t seem to kick even if you wanted. For example, I like snowboarding a lot, but I don’t have a compulsory need to run for every slanted surface around me with the board on my shoulders.

These habits I can’t stop:

  • Drinking coffee. When I go a day without coffee, the headache kicks in the next morning. This addiction is real.
  • Blog feeds. These days I’m reading blogs less than at worst, but it also means more posts to read when I do open the newsreader.
  • Checking email. When email arrives, I drop whatever I’m doing and have to read it. I try to quit Mail whenever I’m working, but sometimes I need to have it running to access archived email.
  • Checking on chat room activity. I used to have an irc client open all the time, but about a year ago I stopped. Still, whenever I open irc, the chat window must be checked every five minutes and every mundane link must be clicked on. Don’t try this at home.
  • Gran Delicato. The best cafe in town. The money I spend here is totally disproportionate to my income. Makes my first addiction even more enjoyable.

Make it a meme if you wish.

4 Responses to “Addictions”


  1. Juansi Says:

    E-mail checking is, I supposse, something common for those with a not too long atention gap… like me :-D Today when I got back to the office after a holiday week I realised that my e-mail set up had been changed and that it is not necessary anymore pushing the send/receive button in order to get the incoming e-mail… and I find this sooooooooooooo disturbing ’cause it was such a pleasure watching how the new incoming e-mail arrived when pushing the button… it think I have to change the settings urgently! :-D

  2. Niko Says:

    ¡Hola Juansi! :) I have the automatic email retrieval set up and that is the problem. The email program sits in the background and suddenly beeps and informs me of new messages. And I must go check what it is immediately, stopping whatever I was doing.

  3. Jouni Says:

    If you like good coffee and you want to have excellent machine, I totally recommend La Pavoni (www.lapavoni.it)lever machine. It takes while to get everything tuned, I mean process finetuned right but it’s so rewarding. Of course you need grinder as well. Best place in town to buy beans (try Mokaflor) is Coffecentralen (www.kaffecentralen.fi). They have also other essential coffee accessories, like tampers.

    If I had to decide which one to give away, car or La Pavoni, it would my car. La Pavoni is part of the family.

  4. Niko Says:

    I’ve tried a few less sophisticated brewing methods and stuck with the Eva Solo coffee flask. Simple and effortless. I’ll leave the lattes and espressos to professionals. :)