What I learned today 23:48 on Tuesday

Mere two weeks late and I just finished the Softys animation for February. Two months into the Softys project and I feel it’s really a refreshing experience for me in making quick decisions and turning the made decisions around at the next minute. Working on the same thing over and over, iterating, and accepting “good enough” results. Accepting my unintelligence and learning from it. And feeling good all through it.

On a less self-helpish new-agey note, I’ve also learned trigonometry. Many thanks to Ilari for that, for without his help I would still be guessing when to use sin, cos or tan. Considering the number of those functions used in the latest animation, the chances of me finding the right combination would have been around one in a million, probably even less.

I have learned how to create a constant alpha fade for a Flash BitmapData object using ColorMatrixFilter. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Microsoft Word, the main ambassador responsible for bringing complex inheritable cascading styles into our daily lives, does not allow using paragraph or character styles within the new table styles. So much for the cascading then. Why do I get the all too familiar feeling of just another feature duct-taped on top of the existing bloat?

I have taken note of the differences of carpentry and computers. When you stumble on a problem you can’t figure out on a computer, you accept the fact that unknown problems may arise. In carpentry however, you can be pretty much sure an ingenious, truly-obvious-after-you-see-it solution has been in existence for like, the last few hundred years. I had a moment like that today.

And finally, I’ve found beauty in surprising places. Like the scrap wood littered around the carpentry class.

Scrap wood

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