Nokia tune – sounds like a problem 16:19 on Monday

After a few weeks with the Nokia N90 this strange thing started happening, where the phone would play Nokia tune in place of my selected ringtone. At first it happened occasionally but in a few days it got more and more frequent. Not being a great fan of Nokia tune, I went to the Profiles application to change the ringtone. I selected Edit Profile and waited, but nothing happened. None of the profiles could be edited.

I took the phone to a repair shop where they gave me a handy code for formatting the phone. I thanked myself for hacking the N90 to support syncing with OS X and powered the phone up (slowly). I went to Edit Profiles and everything worked. No more Nokia tune. I synced my contacts back into the phone and everything was fine until I got my first call. There was the dreaded Nokia tune again! It turned out that somehow the “default tone” is no more my selected ringtone for the active profile, but instead I get the “factory default tone”, i.e. Nokia tune. Only if I manually set the ringtone for each person can I get rid of the Nokia tune.

So why do I write about this? Because today there’s an article in the Finnish paper IT Viikko about a software glitch on Nokia G3 phones that messes up ring-tones. A Nokia representative Kari Tuutti is quoted saying “this problem doesn’t exist in N90″.

Send my greetings to Kari Tuutti: I’ve got one of those “problem free” N90s and I’m getting really, really sick of the Nokia tune.

Audio logos like the Nokia tune are short, memorable sounds, that should evoke images of the brand. An effective audio logo can be great for branding when used in TV ads, radio ads — and ring-tones. Nokia tune is effective for sure. Too bad that every time I hear it emanate from my phone, someone else’s phone, or in a TV ad, I think of problems of the “very irritating” calibre. It’s like anti-branding.

Nokia, for your brand’s sake, help me to turn off the Nokia tune.

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