Definition of user experience (2nd version) 19:19 on Friday

A few months ago I posted a rough idea for a user experience chart explaining what makes up a user experience for a product. Since then I’ve refined the chart, thought what the chart is good for and how it relates to all the other user experience concept maps out there.

How Good Experience?

A tool for brainstorming and defining “goodness

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  12. uxdesign.com Says:

    After all these years… just stumbled upon this, whilst creating a User Experience Design News custom search engine: http://www.google.com/coop/cse?cx=004418454459962176525%3Ayijs9wpbl84

    I, too, have a POV on defining UX Design, albeit more causual: http://uxdesign.com/what-is-ux/4/

    Anyway, will be watching your blog regularly for more insights.

    :) http://uxdesign.com