Intranets and microformats 09:16 on Wednesday

First of all it has to be said I don’t have any experience using the new gold standard of intranets, enterprise wikis. So this could be a basic feature, built in to every product out there. But anyway:

An intranet or an enterprise wiki doesn’t need to enable styling. Instead it should enable microformatting the text with metadata that is meaningful in the context of the business.

Styling text manually consumes time. Given that every intranet contributor will have their personal preferences for applying bolding and other styles, there is a good chance the emphasis might be meaningless for other readers. Which makes manual styling not only time-consuming, but also a time-wasting activity.

A better, if possibly more laborious, approach would be for the contributor to tag the content with appropriate metadata. The business could have their own microformats that convey meaning for the users of the intranet.

The computer-readable microformats could be displayed in corporate styles, providing an uniform and context-aware way of highlighting and emphasizing content.

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